KBI0019: Workaround to an absent interactive authentication prompt#


Stephan Heunis <jsheunis@gmail.com>




workaround, credentials, interactive authentication prompt, keyring



When retrieving file content for a dataset that requires authentication with credentials, it could happen that DataLad’s interactive authentication prompt does not appear as expected and the process just stalls during a datalad get operation.

An example of such an issue is reported in https://github.com/datalad/datalad/issues/7365.


While this does not solve the root cause, it has been identified that the local system’s keyring settings could be influencing the process. Disabling the keyring could circumvent the issue. The keyring can be disabled by setting the environment variable:

export PYTHON_KEYRING_BACKEND=keyring.backends.null.Keyring

This workaround should cause the credential prompt to be displayed correctly in response to a datalad get, and the file should be retrievable after entering the correct credentials.

To delete this environment variable again, run unset PYTHON_KEYRING_BACKEND.