KBI0030: Stalling file retrieval from RIA stores due to missing 7z#


Adina Wagner <adina.wagner@t-online.de>




RIA, 7zip, file retrieval, stalling


datalad_0.19.3, git-annex_20221003

Until a re-write of the RIA functionality has been achieved (see github.com/datalad/datalad-ria for progress), certain RIA-related issues can be hard to pinpoint. In cases where content in a RIA store has been compressed into 7-zip archives (KBI 0024 details instructions and benefits), it is important that 7-zip is installed and available on the machine hosting the RIA store. Otherwise, file content retrieval via datalad get to a different machine can stall indefinitely and without any indication of an error.

An installation of 7-zip is automatically included with some installation methods for datalad (for example when its installed as a Debian package), but since the hosting machine of a RIA store does not need to have datalad installed, a stand-alone installation is suitable as well [1].