KBI0029: Create an empty RIA store#


Laura Waite <laura@waite.eu>




RIA store



To create a RIA store, the most common workflow is to execute the command create-sibling-ria within an existing DataLad dataset. However, if desired, it is possible to setup an empty RIA store without requiring an existing DataLad dataset. All that is needed is a directory for the store, the ria-layout-version file , and the error-logs directory. This structure can be created by hand, or alternatively, using the helper function create_store in datalad/customremotes/ria_utils.py.


Set up by hand:

$ cd /tmp
$ mkdir -p mock_ria/error_logs
$ echo "1" > mock_ria/ria-layout-version

Helper function (ipython or script):

from pathlib import PurePosixPath
from datalad.customremotes.ria_utils import create_store
from datalad.distributed.ora_remote import SSHRemoteIO

ssh_host = "ssh://example.com"
base_path = PurePosixPath("/path/to/mock_ria")

    io=SSHRemoteIO(ssh_host),  # or LocalIO()

Either of the above examples should result in:

$ tree mock_ria
├── error_logs
└── ria-layout-version

$ cat mock_ria/ria-layout-version

And that’s it! mock_ria is now a valid (and empty) RIA store.

To demonstrate, we can create a new dataset and add the new RIA store as a sibling:

$ datalad create my_dataset && cd my_dataset
create(ok): /tmp/my_dataset (dataset)

$ echo 12435 > file.txt && datalad save
add(ok): file.txt (file)
save(ok): . (dataset)
action summary:
  add (ok: 1)
  save (ok: 1)

$ datalad create-sibling-ria 'ria+file:///tmp/mock_ria' -s ria --alias my_dataset
[INFO   ] create siblings 'ria' and 'ria-storage' ...
[INFO   ] Fetching updates for Dataset(/tmp/my_dataset)
update(ok): . (dataset)
update(ok): . (dataset)
[INFO   ] Configure additional publication dependency on "ria-storage"
configure-sibling(ok): . (sibling)
create-sibling-ria(ok): /tmp/my_dataset (dataset)
action summary:
  configure-sibling (ok: 1)
  create-sibling-ria (ok: 1)
  update (ok: 1)

$ datalad push --to ria
copy(ok): file.txt (file) [to ria-storage...]
publish(ok): . (dataset) [refs/heads/master->ria:refs/heads/master [new branch]]
publish(ok): . (dataset) [refs/heads/git-annex->ria:refs/heads/git-annex [new branch]]
action summary:
  copy (ok: 1)
  publish (ok: 2)

$ cd ../
$ datalad clone 'ria+file:///tmp/mock_ria#~my_dataset' newclone
[INFO   ] Configure additional publication dependency on "ria-storage"
configure-sibling(ok): . (sibling)
install(ok): /tmp/newclone (dataset)
action summary:
  configure-sibling (ok: 1)
  install (ok: 1)

$ cd newclone
$ datalad get file.txt
get(ok): file.txt (file) [from ria-storage...]